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Area/Size 45.59 km²  (17.6 sq miles) 23.27 km² (8.9 sq miles)
County/Province Oxfordshire South Holland
Population 152,450 (2017) 121,562 (2015)
Currency £ GBP € EURO
Language English primarily Dutch primarily
Flower Snake's-head fritillary Tulip
River River Thames Old and New Rhine
Official's Title Mayor Burgomaster
Also twinned with Bonn, Germany
Leon, Nicaragua
Grenoble, France
Wroclaw, Poland
Ramallah, Palestine
Padua, Italy
Buffalo City, South Africa
Juigalpa, Nicaragua
Krefald, Germany
Nagasaki, Japan
Torun, Poland
Flag   Oxford_flag Leiden_flag
Motto 'The Truth is Strong' 'City of Discoveries'


The role of the Oxford-Leiden Link is to build and retain strong links, allowing for exchanges that benefit our counterparts in sporting or cultural activities, and providing them with advice on travel, hospitality, and any main events during their visit. Aside from hosting, social activities are shared which also allow us to raise money to continue the work of the Link.

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