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Oxford and Leiden have been twinned for more than 70 years, and although many city twinnings have ceased, this very special one continues strong.

The role of the Oxford-Leiden Link is to build and retain strong links, allowing for exchanges that benefit our counterparts in sporting or cultural activities, and providing them with advice on travel, hospitality, and any main events during their visit. Aside from hosting, social activities are shared which also allow us to raise money to continue the work of the Link. More details can be found throughout the website.

All of our Members receive a quarterly newsletter and details of the annual programme of social events. Special events were held in 2016 to mark the Link’s 70th anniversary and in 2017, at the regeneration of the Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford, a mosaic was unveiled in the newly named and dedicated 'Leiden Square', as can be seen above.

Would you like to join us? Have a look through our developing site and do feel free to contact our friendly group for more information.

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